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"What you may not know after 1 year of owning a business"

Starting a business was the biggest leap I’ve taken thus far. I thought after I had moved from NY and built my work experience, that I was ready to tackle this in LA. I told myself I was ready. In the process I had no idea I was going to experience ALL these emotions. I was excited, extremely motivated, inspired, and on top of the world. Other times I felt unmotivated, uninspired, overwhelmed, and scared. After all this…I held tight. I remembered the core purpose in what I love to do. I held on to that incomparable feeling when a client looks in the mirror and feels beautiful; the anticipation of getting a woman ready for one of the biggest days of her life; and the artists who are eager to learn.

I started Be.NYLA April 2012. Although I was optimistic about the business, there were things I couldn’t foresee no matter how prepared I was. I pretty much put everything I’ve got into this business. I thought these things:

1. “Make your vision come to life.”
2. “What makes my start up business different?”
3. “Why would someone come to Be.NYLA?”

First things first was to create a website with a clear message answering all these questions speaking thru visuals. I wanted to introduce wedding hair and makeup in a different way. I’m inspired by history, runway, red carpet, beauty magazines, old/new movies. I thought “How do brides really want to look and feel on their wedding day?” I gathered all the things I’m inspired by and translated it onto my clients.

From today, Be.NYLA has done 47 weddings. I’m so thankful for each opportunity. At times I’m still very scared but I love what I do so much. If you’re starting out, or in a rut, it’s natural to be scared. Keep going and keep your eye on your goal.

Stay hungry :)
Janet Miranda

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